‘Legendary’ Citroen to journey across Americas

This legendary Citroen is off on a 25,000-mile journey

Two French drivers will take it along the Pan-American highway

(SOUNDBITE) (French) 40-YEAR-OLD NAVIGATOR AND DRIVER ON THE 'TERRA AMERICA' TRIP, FANNY ADAM, SAYING: "The idea was to go on a long road trip, and I chose the Pan-American Highway, which is the longest road in the world. And to drive on this road, I didn't want to drive a modern car, but a car roughly as old as this road. So I chose a 'Citroen Traction Avant'."

The 1956 Citroen will be taken by cargo boat to the American West Coast in June

After that, the crew will continue on the next phase of their adventure

which will see them drive through a total of 14 countries

before reaching the South American continent's tip in January 2023

The trip’s mechanical advisor fell in love with the classic car when he was 18

(SOUNDBITE) (French) 75-YEAR-OLD EX-NAVIGATOR AND MECHANICAL ADVISOR FOR THE 'TERRA AMERICA' TEAM, GERARD D'ABOVILLE, SAYING: "It is legendary because it is part of history. You can see pictures of members of the (French) resistance with 'FFI' (French Forces of the Interior) written on cars. De Gaulle had one. In the courtyard of the Elysee Palace, you could see 20 'Tractions'. Every minister had a 15CV Citroen.”