LeBron James Was Very Excited to Be in the White House

Esther Zuckerman

President Obama welcomed the Miami Heat to the White House this afternoon to celebrate their NBA championship, and no one was more excited — or perhaps nervous — about the visit than LeBron James, who took to the podium to say a few words, upon the president's encouragement.

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"It's your world, man," the president said. And that, if the initial reaction is any indication, is about the only thing that can throw LeBron James other than the occasional fourth-quarter jitters:

Never seen LeBron that nervous. I would be the same way in front of the President.Lol #FanOfAFan

— Akeem Shavers (@PrinceAkeem24) January 28, 2013

Lol LeBron was so nervous at the podium talking to president Obama

— Durand Joseph (@Durand_Joseph) January 28, 2013

LeBron James was so nervous when he was talking to Obama! Lol

— Lizette Roman (@LizetteRoman) January 28, 2013

Lebron looks nervous. LOL

— Zerlina Maxwell (@ZerlinaMaxwell) January 28, 2013

But as James finished his remarks, the reigning MVP's look turned to excitement: "We in the White House right now!"

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But before turning to leave, James added: "Mama, I made it," then handed over the floor to Dwyane Wade...

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...who offered the president a 10-day contract and hugged it out: