The Least Watched Viral Videos of 2012

Annie Colbert

December around the old newsroom means enough end of year coverage to fill Santa's magical sack. Lists of the 10 best/most popular/coolest [fill in blank with pretty much anything] offer an easily digestible recap of the past 365 days.

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We've all seen the "most popular" lists, but why don't the "least popular" lists get any year-end love?

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Conan O'Brien gives some much-needed attention to the year's least watched viral videos.

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12. Photobombing Stingray

Five years ago, three college girls on a Caribbean vacation got a serious case of the heebeejeebies when a stingray photobombed their “say cheese” moment. The hilarious photograph could have ended up as just a fond vacay memory if it weren’t for a friend, who shared the image on Reddit in September of this year.

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