At Least Five Tornadoes Confirmed Thursday Night

At Least Five Tornadoes Confirmed Thursday Night

WARRENSBURG, Ill. (WCIA) – The National Weather Service says at least five tornadoes were confirmed from the storms Thursday Night in the WCIA 3 Viewing area.

This first tornado just barely made its way into the area as it started in Greene County and crossed over into the far western edge of Macoupin County, just to the northeast of Greenfield. This tornado began at 4:51 pm and dissipated for the final time at 5:04 pm. There was no damage found with this tornado, therefore an EF-U (unknown) rating was assigned.

The NWS explained that “No damage indicators were found during storm survey, but a tornado track was interpolated between spotter reports and storm chaser videos. The tornado may have lifted and touched down multiple times.”

The second tornado was a very brief one that touched down south of Standard City at 5:52 pm and concluded a minute later. It was rated EF1 with maximum wind speeds of 95 mph, and it only traveled 0.24 miles with a width of 75 yards. No injuries were reported.

The NWS said “A brief, weak tornado touched down south of Standard City, crossing Standard City Road.” Outbuildings suffered roof and siding damage along this path.

The third tornado touched down at 7:20 pm in Latham and quickly moved through town. It was rated EF0 with 85 mph winds, traveling for 1.12 miles with a path width of 200 yards. No injuries were reported.

The NWS says, “The tornado was sighted touching down about a half mile SW of Latham, damaging some trees by a home and scouring the ground in the field as it headed toward Latham. The damage in Latham was mainly to trees, with one business building having its roof blown off. The tornado dissipated on the east side of Latham at Highway 121.”

The fourth tornado touched down at 7:22 pm and moved southeast towards Warrensburg. It was rated an EF1 with 95 mph winds, and was on the ground for 7.19 miles with a path width of 300 yards. No injuries were reported. This tornado impacted Warrensburg on the north side of town.

From NWS, “The tornado touched down just west of the intersection of 2400th Ave and 200th St southeast of Latham, damaging several outbuildings and throwing the debris for 2 miles to the southeast. The tornado was photographed west of Warrensburg as it approached town. The tornado damaged several homes and numerous trees in Warrensburg, then traveled along W. Illiniwick Rd before dissipating before reaching N Bearsdale Rd.”

The fifth tornado touched down north of Forsyth at 7:37 pm and moved to the east, lifting just west of Argenta. It was an EF1 with 90 mph winds, traveling 7 miles and was 500 yards wide.

From the NWS, “The tornado touched down 2 miles north of Forsyth along E. Wise Rd damaging numerous trees around a residence. It progresses eastward damaging grain bins and 6 power poles just east of Hwy 51 along and north of E. Wise Rd. The tornado progressed eastward along E Wise Rd and E Emery Rd as it headed toward Argenta. Debris was strewn all along the path into the fields. The tornado eventually dissipated about 1 mile west of Argenta.”

Additional tornado surveys are incomplete and the tornado count in the area may increase as these surveys conclude in the coming days.

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