"Learning very well": Ukraine's Defence Minister on Russians' reaction to new weapons

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Ukrainian Defence Minister Oleksii Reznikov has noted that the Russians are "learning very well" during the war against Ukraine.

Source: Reznikov in an interview with Dmytro Komarov

Quote: "They [Russians – ed.] are learning very well. When we brought HIMARS... when we brought them in the summer... and this is an 80-km damage area... that is, the situation changed in the summer, because we started destroying their command and control points. But... now they've moved all their command points, all their storage points, and all their logistics 120 kilometres away so that we can't reach them with the HIMARS.

This is why we are convincing our partners that we need another tranche of ‘longer arm’ weapons of at least 150 km.

We're asking for 300 [kilometres of range, meaning ATACMS – ed.], but so far our partners are hesitant because, unfortunately, they still think that every time they give weapons, it can raise the level of escalation."

Details: Reznikov has noted that every time it is necessary to convince partners that Ukraine will use the provided weapons solely for "self-defence". After all, the Russians are attacking "our civilian infrastructure facilities" – residential buildings, schools and kindergartens.

The minister has added that the partners need to emphasise every time that the Defence Forces will only use weapons to liberate the territories of Ukraine and will not strike at Russian territory.

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