Lazy Cory Booker Will Be Taking It Easy This Weekend

J.K. Trotter
The Atlantic Wire

Has Newark Mayor Cory Booker, and the Superman myth his frequently-updated Twitter feed generates, finally jumped the shark? Today's hot new parody account @LazyMayorBooker makes a remarkably strong case that we've entered a far more realist, and more cynical, post-Booker era of civic government — and that he won't be inviting anyone to crash on his couch for this particular northeastern storm. He won't even be sending out inspiring storm tweets. See, Lazy Mayor Booker is not only a pedestrian human being...

Hot pockets are delicious.

— Mayor Booker (@LazyMayorBooker) February 8, 2013

... but also very aware of the limits of government infrastructure:

Stop calling me. I'm a high-ranking government official. My job is not to salt your sidewalk.

— Mayor Booker (@LazyMayorBooker) February 8, 2013

Indeed, LMB — like many media outlets — sees past the surface image of Cory Booker, Superhero:

Do you know how terribly run a city has to be for ITS MAYOR to be the first responder for everything? Do you have any idea?

— Mayor Booker (@LazyMayorBooker) February 8, 2013

It's possible, though, that Lazy Mayor Booker is yet another social-media ruse concocted by fans of Cory Booker to expose the rotten cynicism of the media who wish, more than anything else, to destroy the heroes it inadvertently creates. Who knows? For now, the only thing we know about @LazyMayorBooker is that its first two followers work together... at BuzzFeed (which is, arguably, ambivalent about Booker):

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