Lawyer for MP accused of not providing breath sample wants more police records

The Canadian Press

EDMONTON - The lawyer for an Alberta MP accused of not providing a breathalyzer sample is trying to get more police records about the night in question.

Peter Goldring, who represents Edmonton East, was arrested last December after being pulled over on his way home from a riding Christmas party.

His lawyer is looking for police cellphone records, radio communications or anything else pertaining to what happened that night.

The Crown says it has already provided all the relevant material and anything else pertains to other investigations.

Several police officers have taken the stand in an Edmonton courtroom to talk about their communications.

Goldring, who has pleaded not guilty, has said he only had one beer when he was pulled over for suspected drunk driving.

Edmonton's chief of police has hired a separate lawyer who has been awarded standing in the case, but it's not clear what her role will be.

The MP has stepped aside from the Conservative caucus but is still sitting in Parliament.

Goldring has been the riding's MP since he was elected under the Reform banner in 1997.