New law will require employers in Washington to include salary ranges in job postings

Starting in 2023, most employers in Washington will be required to include estimated salaries in all job postings.

This comes as a result of SB 5761passed this legislative session by state lawmakers and signed into law at the end of March. In practice, it will mandate that businesses with 15 or more employees include a job’s salary range with “a general description of the benefits and other compensation offered” when the role is first listed. For internal transfers or promotions, an exact hourly or salary number must be posted rather than a range. The state’s previous laws had only required that information be provided after an applicant was chosen for a position.

The goal of the legislation — sponsored by Democrat Emily Randall — is to increase transparency for prospective job seekers, all while businesses across a variety of industries have struggled with staffing shortages.

“The bill will make Washington more competitive for job seekers at a time when our employers are struggling to recruit and retain workers who keep our economy moving,” a staff summary of Randall’s testimony on the bill reads.

“Many candidates spend hours going through rounds of interviews only to find out they can’t live on the offered pay,” the summary continues. “It is also an equity issue, punishing women and people of color because they get punished for negotiating where white men are rewarded for the same thing.”

SB 5761 was passed largely down party lines in both the state House and Senate, and takes effect on Jan. 1, 2023.

This story was originally published by MYNorthwest.

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