Lavrov's family leaves Georgia escorted by security forces

Katerina Vinokurova (Lavrova), daughter of the Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov, and her husband, who are under Western sanctions, have left Georgia, where they were to have attended a relative's wedding, amid a wave of protests in the country.

Source: Georgian opposition TV channel Mtavari learned this from its sources, European Pravda reports.

Details: According to Mtavari, Vinokurova and her husband were escorted by forces of the State Security Service and the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Georgia. They are believed to have crossed the border at midnight and are now in Saudi Arabia.

Meanwhile, Vinokurov's brother, his bride and other guests who were supposed to attend the wedding remained at the Kvareli Lake Resort hotel, Mtavari said.

Background: As reported by the opposition TV channel Mtavari, Lavrov's daughter, who is married to Russian businessman Alexander Vinokurov, had come to Georgia to attend the wedding of her husband's brother.

The Kvareli Lake Resort denied that Lavrova or any of the Russian foreign minister’s relatives were there.

Clashes broke out near the building between the police and protesters demanding that Russians leave Georgia. The Georgian Ministry of Internal Affairs officially confirmed that 16 people were detained, including some opposition politicians.

It should be noted that Lavrov and members of his family are on Western sanctions lists. This means they are prohibited from entering these countries.

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