Lauren Boebert's ex comes to her defense after theater groping video, saying his unfaithfulness 'broke her down'

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Lauren Boebert's ex leapt to her defense on Monday, after a video surfaced last week that appeared to show the Colorado Representative groping her date and being groped at a musical theater performance of "Beetlejuice."

Jayson Boebert issued a long apology on Facebook, addressing his ex-wife being kicked out of the family-friendly play, recommended for kids 10 and up, which took place on September 10. He took partial blame for her conduct, captured on video, and said his unfaithfulness during their 20-year marriage "broke her down."

"Much of this is on me because the problem starts at the root. I am the root," Jayson Boebert wrote in a Facebook post on Monday. He did not respond to Insider's request for comment.

In the post, he claimed that his unfaithful behavior has had long-lasting effects on the politician, and asked the public to forgive her, days after the groping videos had come to light.

"She deserves a chance to earn your forgiveness and regain trust," Jayson Boebert wrote. "I have broke her down in so many ways, but she will come out stronger as she always does, and so will I."

Lauren Boebert was kicked out of the play for disruptive behavior, which included vaping. Videos surfaced last Friday showing Boebert and her date intensely groping each other during the performance.

Lauren and Jayson Boebert got married in 2005, and she filed for divorce in May of this year after 18 years of marriage. In 2004, Jayson Boebert pleaded guilty to exposing himself to a 17-year-old in a bowling alley.

The former couple share four sons together.

In response to the incident and groping videos, Boebert first claimed she was ejected for singing, but then apologized once more videos of her at the play surfaced.

"While none of my actions or words as a private citizen that night were intended to be malicious or meant to cause harm, the reality is they did and I regret that," Boebert said in a statement emailed to Insider last week, where she said she didn't remember vaping. "I simply fell short of my values on Sunday."

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