Lauren Boebert's Most Glaring Hypocrisy Yet Called Out On Twitter

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Conspiracy theorist Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-Colo.) is getting slammed on social media for complaining about a problem after she voted against funding to help solve it.

The far-right lawmaker griped about the nation’s crumbling infrastructure, tweeting about recent rail and highway issues and writing that “stuff like this is going on constantly in America.”

But as her critics were quick to point out, Boebert was among the 200 Republican lawmakers in the House who voted against President Joe Biden’s signature infrastructure package.

The deal, which passed in 2021, provides $1.2 trillion to help repair, replace and modernize the nation’s aging roads, highways, bridges and more ― exactly what Boebert said is “falling down around us” in a Twitter message posted on Wednesday:

Both incidents Boebert complained about were actually caused by accidents rather than aging infrastructure.

The train derailed when it struck a truck, injuring 15 people, while the I-95 collapse was caused when a gasoline tanker truck crashed beneath an overpass and caught fire, killing the driver.

However, Boebert’s concerns about infrastructure “falling down” are widely shared, with engineers warning that many of the nation’s roads, bridges, waterways and more are in dire need of repair and modernization.

The 2021 infrastructure deal was aimed at addressing exactly that ― yet Boebert voted against it.

The lawmaker’s critics called her out for the glaring hypocrisy: