Laura Ingraham calls Hillary Clinton the ‘man buns’ of politics

Over the course of the Republican National Convention, Hillary Clinton has been denounced as a criminal (to chants of “Lock her up!”), linked (by way of a long-dead social activist) to Lucifer, and nominated (by a Trump adviser, speaking on a Boston radio show) to be “shot for treason.” So there wasn’t much left in the way of insults for conservative radio host and author Laura Ingraham to throw at Clinton when she took the podium Wednesday evening.

But Ingraham rose to the occasion, comparing Clinton to “man buns.”

In an energetic 20-minute speech, Ingraham managed to touch on a wide range of 1970s-themed topics, including abortion, flag-burning, “bloated government bureaucracy,” veterans’ health care and the perfidy of “consultants, pollsters and lobbyists.” She recalled the awfulness of the late 1970s, before Ronald Reagan “rode in just in time to restore America’s confidence,” and assured the cheering crowd that the late president “is watching us today.”

On Wednesday, she went on, “We have stagnating wages, skyrocketing health care costs, the doubling of the debt, the threat of ISIS, the rise of China. And the Democrats’ answer to all that is to nominate the woman who helped orchestrate America’s decline. That has to be some cruel joke, like skinny jeans on men or man buns or something like that.”

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