Latvia restricts cars with Russian license plates

The Saeima, Latvia's parliament, approved an amendment requiring owners of cars with Russian license plates register the vehicle or remove it from Latvian territory within three months of the law's entry into force, the news outlet Delfi reported on Oct. 26.

After the three months are over, vehicles with Russian license plates will be allowed in Latvian road traffic if the driver crosses the territory of Latvia in transit. A vehicle registered in Russia will be able to transit through Latvia only once.

The bill requires that drivers planning to transit through Latvia must submit information about the vehicle through the state's electronic registration program within 24 hours of the vehicle's entry into the country.

If the vehicle is not registered in Latvia or its use in road traffic is detected to be unauthorized, the vehicle will be confiscated. According to Delfi, confiscated cars will be transferred to Ukraine.

The Latvian Ministry of Justice reportedly suggested that, given Russia’s attack on Ukraine and the threat to its territorial integrity, sovereignty, and independence, the presence of vehicles registered in Russia on the territory of Latvia is unacceptable.

The law will enter into force on November 15.

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