Here’s the latest evidence that a brand new Apple TV is on the way

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Apple TV References in iOS 7
Apple TV References in iOS 7

It looks like we won’t have to wait much longer to find out whether or not the next Apple TV will double as a gaming console. 9to5Mac has found references to a new model of the Apple TV hardware within the iOS 7 software build. The list of items includes “AppleTV2,1″ and “AppleTV3,1,” as well as the current model, “AppleTV3,2″ and the upcoming “AppleTV4,1.” This reference has been hidden inside of iOS 7 for months, but it was only recently discovered by 9to5Mac and developer Hamza Sood. The last hardware update from “3,1″ to “3,2″ was relatively minor — “4,1″ should be a major revision. There are also signs of game controller support, but there is the possibility that these are not connected to Apple TV functionality.

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