The Latest Airline Merger Is So American It Hurts

Connor Simpson
The Atlantic Wire

Have you ever wondered what it's like to fly bareback on a bald eagle? If you're looking for the purest American flight experience, look no further than the coming merger of American Airlines and U.S. Airways — forming the most American airline to ever exist, at least in name.

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Yes, Dallas' WFAA reports the two companies are close to finalizing a deal and will announce a merger next week. They've reportedly been in talks for over a year now. There were rumors yesterday that it was close to a done deal, so this makes it close to finally being official. It's expected the company will retain the American Airlines name — and all that flag-heavy new AA branding — but the last detail being worked out is which management group will take over. Airline editorial writers have been waiting for the deal to finally go through for the last month. So, here we are.

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We'e heard (very reliable*) rumors that the new planes will have the American flag painted along the side, and this song playing as passengers board.

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*From our cat, but still.