The Last Stand: Watch Arnold Schwarzenegger's new action-movie trailer

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Now in his mid-60s, the aging Terminator star is attempting to prove he can still carry an action movie

The trailer: When Arnold Schwarzenegger said "I'll be back," even his most loyal fans may not have predicted that the action star would be starring in new popcorn flicks more than a decade after receiving his AARP card. But the trailer for his comeback vehicle, The Last Stand, tries to prove any doubters wrong. (Watch it below.) Although Schwarzenegger appeared as a supporting player in both The Expendables and its sequel, The Last Stand marks the aging movie star's first starring role in an action movie since 2003's Terminator 3: The Rise of the Machines. The trailer for The Last Stand, which tells the story of a U.S. law enforcement team attempting to catch a drug baron, preemptively answers criticism over Schwarzenegger's plausibility as an action star in his mid-60s: "How are you, Sheriff?" asks a character. "Old," Schwarzenegger replies.

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The reaction: The Last Stand "looks like fun, but damn if I'm not still worried," says Rob Hunter at Film School Rejects. The trailer makes it clear that the film's plotline is extremely simple, and the lame-looking attempts at humor (particularly by costar and Jackass alum Johnny Knoxville) make the film's action look "far less dramatic and effective." Sure, The Last Stand isn't "the strongest effort in terms of story," says Russ Fischer at SlashFilm — but the film's "clear emphasis is on action," and on that front, it looks like The Last Stand will deliver. And speaking of action: Get ready for Schwarzenegger's next "theater-exploding catchphrase," warns Darren Franich at Entertainment Weekly: "I'm da sheriff!," which the actor bellows near the trailer's end.

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