Millions of California taxpayers used extension last year. When’s the deadline in 2024?

California’s state Franchise Tax Board received 4.5 million personal tax returns during last year’s extension period following catastrophic winter storms.

Around 14.7 million returns were filed before the extension, according to the FTB.

Last year, the April 18 federal and state deadline to file and pay was extended well into November. Fifty-five of California’s 58 counties — except Lassen, Modoc and Shasta — were eligible. If you lived in any of the affected counties, the extension was automatic.

But that was last year.

Even if your last tax payment went through just a few months ago — be prepared to file and pay 2023 taxes by April 15, as usual.

California provides an automatic extension to file every year, but payment is still due April 15.

I just filed taxes. Is California going to process again in April?

A spokesperson for FTB said the agency is “prepared to handle the 2024 filing season.”

You need to file and pay on time to avoid penalties.

For example: If you file late or don’t file, you could be hit with a penalty of 5% of the amount due from the original due date and, after applying any payments or credits made on or before the original due date of your tax return, for each month or part of a month unpaid.

If you pay late or don’t pay, you could be charged 5% of the unpaid tax and .5% of the unpaid tax for each month or part of the month that it isn’t paid.

California grants an automatic filing extension for state taxes to Oct. 15, 2024. Your payment is still due by April 15.

It’s back to business as usual for federal taxes too, an IRS spokesperson confirmed.

If you need an extension for your federal tax return, by April 15 you should file a Form 4868 electronically through IRS Free File or through a tax professional — or via mail. If you make an estimated payment electronically and indicate the payment is for an extension, you don’t need to file that form — the IRS will automatically process an extension to file. The extension gives you until Oct. 15 to file, according to the IRS.

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