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LAS VEGAS, NV--(Marketwired - Sep 16, 2014) - No less than a shocking 58% of all children in the Clark County School District are hungry. Their families struggle to support and feed their offspring, but are forced to resort to free and reduced meal programs offered by the district, which is often the only square meal a child will eat that day. Malnutrition does not only cause a number of significant health issues, it also makes it very difficult to learn. Among the organizations that try to do their part in order to relieve this situation is the Las Vegas-based food bank Three Square, which works to help fill the gap by distributing food to over 1,300 organizations throughout the Southern Nevada region. These groups in turn help put food on the tables of affected families. Recognizing the overwhelming need for more support, famed Las Vegas resident Stanley Tomchin, and the Tomchin Family Charitable Foundation, recently made some major financial contributions to Three Square.

Last year, Three Square distributed over 30 million pounds of food and grocery products through the assistance of food pantries, soup kitchens, shelters, after-school programs, senior citizen groups and other "ground-level" organizations. A significant part of this help was possible thanks to the generous donation from Stanley Tomchin, who is considered the world's most successful professional games player, who has made it a priority to support charitable organizations on a local and international level. The Tomchin Family Charitable Foundation, founded in 2005, is the formal structure for distributing Mr. Tomchin's largess. The fund researches and identifies groups, which would benefit from their support and develops appropriate support programs. Recent beneficiaries include the I Have a Dream Foundation, Greenpeace, and the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society.

"There is no excuse for hunger in this country," says Stanley Tomchin. "And in particular, the disparity between the glamour and wealth here in Las Vegas existing side-by-side with such poverty motivated us to support Three Square. It's a mathematical fact -- our unemployment rate remains one of the highest in the country at 8.9 percent -- but math can't obscure the emotional impact in seeing the thousands of homeless men, women and families. I hope this gift will inform and inspire others to lend their support to Three Square as well."

Following his decades of success as a games player, Stanley Tomchin now focuses on healthy living, playing tennis, and philanthropy. He started as a young chess, bridge, and backgammon player, building on his talents, luck and inherent mathematical abilities until he reached worldwide fame. He traveled the world, from his home in Long Island to London, the Carribbean and even taking his turn at Hugh Hefner's famous backgammon boards at the Playboy Mansion. Today, Tomchin seeks to help the less fortunate, personally and through his fund, alongside his sister Joy Tomchin, who has herself been a well-known charitable activist for over twenty years. Living in Las Vegas, he even found a way to combine his love of tennis with his dedication to philanthropy: the Marty Hennessy, Jr. Tennis Foundation, a non-profit group that introduces disadvantaged Las Vegas children to the joys of tennis, mentoring them and helping to provide positive guidance to their lives.

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