Las Vegas family release bizarre drawings of UFOs they claim landed in backyard

A Las Vegas family has broken its silence to double down on claims that UFOs landed in the backyard – as they showed off drawings that they made of the apparent alien sightings.

The Kenmore family, who went viral earlier this year after calling 911 to report that two ten-foot aliens had landed in their backyard, spoke out for the first time in an interview with Inside Edition.

“I believe I saw something that wasn’t from Earth,” youngest son Joshua said.

The family members created drawings of what they claimed to have seen as they also revealed that they saw a black Chevrolet Suburban with “government plates on it” soon after the extraterrestrial encounter.

The family remained anonymous for months out of fear of being ridiculed but said that, since their UFO visit, strangers have flocked to their house to see where the aliens landed – with some even climbing over the fence.

The family’s lawyer Sam Heidari, who was hired to sue any trespassers, told Inside Edition the Kenmore’s “didn’t want that publicity”.

“The only thing they did was report it to the police,” he said.

Mr Heidari said he believes that the Kenmores believe what they saw was real.

The family released drawings of the supposed UFOs in an effort to try to further substantiate their claims.

One of the sons Bobby drew a figure with glowing, antennae-like ears and a mouth full of gnashing teeth. He said the being didn’t appear to have a nose.

Meanwhile, eldest son Angel coloured in his alien with gray pencil, noting that he was trying to keep the colour accurate to what he had seen.

Angel’s drawing (Inside edition)
Angel’s drawing (Inside edition)

He told Inside Edition the alien had a ball of light beside it and stood with one leg bent.

Describing the apparent encounter on the evening of 1 May, , Angel said that he and his brother heard something falling from the sky before they then observed a flash of light.

The brothers said that they then felt the impact of something hitting the ground and heard a loud bang.

The two teenagers were then hit with a shockwave, they claimed, which they likened to an “out of body experience”.

Angel claimed he then tried to look at the fallen object but the whole backyard was blurry, and he heard “thousands of footsteps” all around him before the blurriness subsided.

The teen said he could make out a tall, very thin creature standing between eight and 10 feet tall. Panicking, he called Bobby to the backyard, who told him to go inside.

Angel said the creature had “weird-looking feet and a big face and eyes” and “a big mouth”.

“I could hear his loud deep breathing and see his stomach move,” he said.

The Kenmore family (Inside Edition)
The Kenmore family (Inside Edition)

The teenager went back inside and called the police.

“There’s like a eight foot person... and it has big eyes and it’s looking at us,” he said to the operator in the now-viral 911 call. “I swear to God, it’s not a joke.”

That same night, a police officer’s bodycam captured a greenish light blazing through the sky.

An officer repsonding to the family’s home told them: “I’m not gonna BS you guys. One of my partners said they saw something fall out of the sky too.”

Angel said an officer walked with the family to the backyard and pointed at a perfect circle that had been etched into the ground.

A perfect circle could be seen in the backyard (YouTube)
A perfect circle could be seen in the backyard (YouTube)

Angel’s story was further corroborated by footage from a neighbour’s Ring camera, which captured a whooshing sound and an enormous bang.

Angel previously spoke out bout his experience in a video posted to YouTube in June.

“This is not a conspiracy theory. I am not making this story up for clout or fame,” he said in the video, which has had just under a million views.

While the family stand by the story, Mick West, a writer who specialises in debunking false conspiracy theories, refuted the claims.

He told Inside Edition that an alternate explanation could be a raccoon sitting on top of the backyard fence – hence the big eyes – or even a coyote.

The apparent UFO incident comes after alleged “non-human” alien corpses were shown to Mexican politicians at the country’s Congress this week.

A self-described UFO expert claimed the two small “corpses” were retrieved from Cusco, Peru.

They were presented in windowed boxes in Mexico City on Wednesday, stirring excitement within the UFO conspiracy theorist community.