Lance Armstrong, The 'Steroid Era,' and Public Art

Esther Zuckerman
Lance Armstrong, The 'Steroid Era,' and Public Art

Now that The New York Times pay wall is live, you only get 10 free clicks a month. For those worried about hitting their limit, we're taking a look through the paper each morning to find the stories that can make your clicks count.

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Top Stories: Lance Armstrong has stopped fighting against doping charges, but has not admitted wrong-doing. 

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World: With Bangladesh's status as "an export powerhouse" it has also seen an increase in "protests and violent clashes with the police"

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U.S.: A case of a man in Ohio who shot his wife as she was being treated in an intensive care unit  has prompted a discussion "in this town of 32,000 and the hamlets surrounding it over when life is no longer worth living and who has the right to decide." 

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New York: In Ilion, a town with strong connections to Remington, residents are worried about "a little-discussed element of the gun industry: economics." 

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Business: China is facing a mass of unsold goods, which is "is hampering China’s efforts to emerge from a sharp economic slowdown."

Technology: Facebook has mobile on the brain.   

Sports: It's becoming ever more obvious that baseball's "steroid era" is continuing.

Opinion: Paul Krugman on Paul Ryan and Atlas Shrugged. David Brooks on Ryan's "biggest mistake."

Television: Mike Hale evaluates The Newsroom at the end of its season, and speaks in its defense.

Art & Design: Ken Johnson on public art in New York.