Lafayette Science Museum prepares for April 8 solar eclipse, viewing spot and glasses available

LAFAYETTE, La. (KLFY) — The next solar eclipse is happening on Monday, April 8, in Acadiana, and the folks at the Lafayette Science Museum are gearing up to make sure everyone in the area can come witness it.

“Basically, when the moon passes between the earth and the sun and it casts a shadow onto the earth,” Colin LAST NAME with the Lafayette Science Museum said. “Its going to be the last one in the us until like 2045. So, they’re not very common.”

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The solar eclipse is one of nature’s most impressive shows, and many around the country are preparing for the big moment set to occur on April 8.

With the big day quickly approaching, Colin said the team is taking the steps to help as many people witness the event as possible.

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“We’re going to be set up on Congress and Polk,” Colin said. “So, we’ll have two telescopes out. We’ll have a bunch of solar eclipse glasses to hand out. We’ll have like some boxes that you can put on your head. They might look a little weird, but you’re going to have a better view of the eclipse than other people.”

In a rare turn of events, this is the second eclipse people are able to see in Acadiana in just six months.

Colin will be leading the team at the museum to prepare for an even bigger turnout.

“I believe we had over 300 and the eclipse in October,” Colin said. “So, we’re. Let’s see if we can break that number.”

Monday’s eclipse is set to be even bigger than the one in October, bringing the anticipation to an all-time high.

“It’s going to be about 86% covered,” Colin said. “So, it’s going to get really, really dark in like early afternoon. You’ll be able to even see a couple of stars out during the day. It’s going to be an awesome experience and we hope to have everybody come out and enjoy the solar eclipse day.”

With this being the last solar eclipse taking place in Acadiana until 2045, the folks at the science museum encourage everyone to come witness the historic event, just make sure you’re wearing the proper eye protection first.

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