Lady refuses to stop singing ‘I Will Always Love You,’ causes emergency landing, gets arrested [VIDEO]

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You know how it is really annoying when a coworker or someone next to you on a bus or plane won’t stop humming, whistling or just full-on singing an early 1990s pop classic? Sure you do.

Well, imagine that you are on a cross-country flight and a fellow passenger simply refuses to stop singing the words to Whitney Houston’s “I Will Always Love You” on a loop.

That’s exactly what happened on an American Airlines flight from Los Angeles to New York City.

A female passenger was being “very unruly” by singing selections of the pop diva’s hits when the pilot had to touch down in Kansas City and at least two uniformed Air Marshalls escorted her off the plane.

An American Airlines spokesman told ABC that the woman “was being disruptive and was noncompliant with Federal Air Marshall’s orders, resulting in the passenger being detained by a Federal Air Marshall.”

Another passenger got some footage of the woman belting out some Whitney and being kicked off the plane. She sounds pretty darn bad.

Maybe she just wanted to dance with somebody.


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Lady refuses to stop singing 'I Will Always Love You,' causes emergency landing, gets arrested [VIDEO]

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