Lady Gaga discusses bullying with Twitter followers, stars talk about Kids' Choice Awards

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Twitter’s most followed microblogger, Lady Gaga, has been chatting with her fans about the issue of bullying.

Lady Gaga urged her followers to tune into a program about bullying on America’s current affairs TV show Dateline and tweeted, “ @DatelinenbcI appreciated that you used modern approaches to this issue, making less distinction between victim + bully, showing both sides.”

The pop star spent the evening replying to her fans’ tips about bullying. She tweeted “I'm trying to breed compassion. not sure why. can't help it, think its important.”

Twitter stars Justin Bieber, Katy Perry, Taylor Swift and Selena Gomez were big winners at this year’s Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Awards. They used their 140 characters to thank their fans for voting for them.

Justin Bieber also teased his fans with previews of the video clip from his latest single “Boyfriend,” Shakira showed off a photo from her latest music video, “Addicted To You,” and Rihanna posted a photo of the sun rising in Japan.

Taylor Swift let her fans know she was jetting off to the Kids' Choice Awards and Selena Gomez tweeted images of her new hairdo and photos from the set of the film Spring Breakers.

Over on China’s microblogging platform Sina Weibo, Yao Chen edged closer to a milestone of 19 million fans, Dee Hsu hit 18 million fans, and Leehom Wang and Zhao Wei both hit 15 million followers.

Third party estimates put Twitter at more than 500 million registered users. Sina reported that it had more than 300 million registered users on Sina Weibo in February 2012.

Most popular people on Twitter:

  1. Lady Gaga (22,029,217followers)
  2. Justin Bieber (19,332,422)
  3. Katy Perry (17,013,585)
  4. Rihanna (16,054,429)
  5. Shakira (15,230,553)
  6. Britney Spears (14,972,800)
  7. Kim Kardashian (14,285,139)
  8. Barack Obama (13,625,771)
  9. Taylor Swift (12,307,699)
  10. Selena Gomez (11,218,707)

Most popular people on Sina's microblog (Weibo):

  1. Yao Chen (18,793,586followers)
  2. Dee Hsu (18,130,738)
  3. Yang Mi (15,886,015)
  4. Xie Na (15,776,332)
  5. Kevin Tsai (15,288,206)
  6. Leehom Wang (15,256,332)
  7. Zhao Wei (15,232,574)
  8. He Jiong (14,859,040)
  9. Li Bingbing (13,725,877)
  10. Chen Kun (13,145,632)