Labor Day weekend inspires the most last-minute wanderlust

Calgary, Canada has the best city driving conditions.

Maybe it's because the idea of returning to the office after sun-soaked days is just too much to bear. Because as it turns out, the most popular season for booking a last-minute spontaneous getaway is the end of summer and Labor Day weekend.

That's according to online reservation site, which found that nearly half (48 percent) of their 6,620 respondents cited the final days of summer as their top pick for taking a spur-of-the-moment holiday.

The findings shed light on an emerging trend among holidaymakers, says spokesman Todd Dunlap, as nearly half of all worldwide reservations made within 48 hours are booked on a mobile app.

The most popular type of last-minute getaway is the mini city break (71 percent), followed by a final hurrah at the beach (70 percent) and a road trip (64 percent).

The most common reasons respondents cited for taking a spontaneous holiday? Boosting happiness, making them more productive at work and reducing stress.

As for hotel rituals, when respondents were asked to name the top three things they do when they first enter their hotel room, the most popular answer was to check out the bathroom (48 percent), followed closely by checking out the view (47 percent).

Nearly a quarter said they jump on the bed.

Meanwhile, analysts over at Expedia also released a report for last-minute Labor Day travel, breaking down the US cities where travelers can score particularly good hotel deals if they book within three days.

Travelers can expect to find the best savings in Phoenix and Austin where average daily hotel rates are forecast to drop by 30 percent, and New Orleans (25 percent).

Experts at Expedia also advise avoiding Friday, September 2, the worst day to travel during this Labor Day weekend, and Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport, which will be the busiest airport in the US.