Kylie Padilla reveals parents' reaction to her pregnancy

The actress stressed that both mum Liezl Sicangco and dad, actor Robin Padilla were accepting of the news

27 Jan - Actress Kylie Padilla revealed recently that her parents were understanding of her pre-marital pregnancy, and were supportive of her decision to keep the baby, PEP News reported.

Padilla shared recently that it was her mother, Liezl Sicangco who told her to take good care of the baby when she first told her about it.

She said, "The day of my pregnancy test, I had a taping. Then I called my mother. I said, "Ma...", but before I could talk, I was already in tears. I said, "Mom, I'm pregnant. What will I do? She said, "Just don't get an abortion"."

When it comes to her father, actor Robin Padilla, the actress stated that she told him about it while they were having dinner recently.

She stated that it was the actor who first mentioned the subject by asking about the rumours of their engagement.

Padilla stated that she was about to tell him about the pregnancy when he laughed and asked, "Yes? You're pregnant, right?"

"Then I showed him the ultrasound photo. He said, "Oh, take care of it"," Padilla continued.

On the other hand, as to whether the senior Padilla has accepted Abrenica as his future son-in-law, the latter stated that he respected the actor's decision if he's not ready to meet them, although he would look forward to finally meet his fiancée's father.

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