Kylie Minogue can see the dead in BBC Ghosts sketch for Comic Relief

kylie minogue pokes her red nose for the ghosts red nose day sketch
Kylie Minogue can see the dead in Ghosts sketchBBC
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BBC's Ghosts were treated to an A-list surprise tonight (March 17), as Kylie Minogue made a surprise visit to Button House for Comic Relief's Red Nose Day 2023 telethon.

As Alison and Mike continue planning for a music festival on the grounds of Button House, the pair get a huge surprise when Kylie Minogue arrives on the doorstep.

The shocked and confused ghosts talk over each other in excitement when they glimpse the Australian singer and actress.

"Oh my goodness, it's Kylie. The actual Kylie Minogue," Julian exclaimed, while scoutmaster Pat is confused about who she is.

kylie minogue, ghosts comic relief 2023

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Kylie surprises the group further when she reveals that, like Alison, she too can see ghosts.

"You know the roller-skating montage in the Spinning Around video," she asked. "I had a fall, banged my head and now I can see ghosts.

"Now that's out in the open, let's clear a few things up," she added, schooling the ghosts on their comments about her. But Julian still isn't convinced by the actress, despite a video call from Neighbours co-star Jason Donovan.

Alison is more than happy to discover that the singer can also see the undead, with Mike and Kylie's manager bonding over the fact that they can't.

"We need to hang out," the pair agreed, as Alison and Kylie gathered the ghosts around the piano.

kylie minogue, ghosts comic relief 2023

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While Kylie wasn't won over by the noisy residents of Button House, viewers at home were, taking to Twitter to share their joy.

"Not Thomas getting to sing Kylie's song WITH Kylie, made my day that," one viewer wrote.

While another added: "How great was #KylieMinogue on #BBCGhosts for #ComicRelief I miss Button House, it’s gonna be a long 5-6 months waiting for series 5!"

All four series of Ghosts, including the Christmas specials, as well as the US version, are available to stream now on BBC iPlayer. The Red Nose Day telethon begins at 7pm this Friday (March 17) on BBC One.

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