Kurosawa and Asano reunite for 'Journey to the Shore'

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Japanese film director Kiyoshi Kurosawa

The Japanese road movie gets international distribution courtesy of French cinema chain MK2, with Tadanobu Asano starring as a once-absent husband in "Journey to the Shore" [jp. 岸辺の旅, "Kishibe no Tabi"], the latest from stylish director Kiyoshi Kurosawa.

A Japanese superstar and present in both of Marvel's "Thor" films, Tadanobu Asano held the lead role in Kurosawa's acclaimed 2003 release "Bright Future," between significant parts in Takashi Miike's notorious "Ichi the Killer" and Beat Takeshi's "Zatoichi."

Perhaps lesser known internationally but a three-time Japanese Academy Award winner herself, Eri Fukatsu was especially well praised for her turn in criminal romance "Villain" [jp. 悪人 or "Akunin"].

For Kurosawa, she becomes the woman whose husband makes an unexpected reappearance after three years missing.

The return of Asano's character, who was supposedly drowned at sea, doesn't particularly thrill his wife. Rather, she's curious to know why his travels home took so long -- so he takes her to the people that he met along the way.

Written by Kurosawa in collaboration with Takashi Ujita of 2014 box office smash "My Man," which also starred Asano, "Journey to the Shore" now has distribution in France via Diaphana Films, which has 2014 Cannes selection "Bird People," Mike Leigh's biopic "Mr. Turner" and Scarlett Johansson movie "Under the Skin" on its books.

That means a 100 to 150-screen release is on the cards for "Journey to the Shore," reports Film Business Asia, while filmhouse group MK2 is coordinating international deals on behalf of Japan's Showgate; both Diaphana and Showgate at least are working towards a 2015 release for Kurosawa's most recent work.