Kuleba: Ukraine has entered a fundamentally new phase - the transition of Ukrainian Armed Forces to NATO weapons

"Evropeyska Pravda" - Tuesday, 26 April 2022, 20:48 The Armed Forces of Ukraine are starting the transition to NATO weapons, something which not so long ago would have been out of the question. Ukrainian Minister of Foreign Affairs Dmytro Kuleba made this statement during a live stream on his Facebook page, "Evropeyska Pravda" reported. "We have entered a completely new phase, one which no one even thought about two months ago. We have entered a fundamentally new phase, which no one even dreamed of - the transition of the Armed Forces of Ukraine to NATO weapons, to NATO standards. And this is already happening," said Dmytro Kuleba. The Minister also said that President Volodymyr Zelenskyy had been able to convince Joe Biden that it was time to do so. "And howitzers have been dispatched to us first, but this is just the beginning, much more will follow. This is a historic moment," Dmytro Kuleba added. As previously reported, training in the use of 155mm howitzers, which have started to arrive as part of a US security aid package, has already been scheduled. Last week, the United States President Joe Biden announced that the United States would send another $800 million in equipment to help Ukraine defend itself against Russia's extensive offensive in eastern Ukraine, including heavy artillery. So far, the United States had dispatched four flights with weapons from the new package. German Federal Minister of Defence Christine Lambrecht said her government had granted permission to sell "Gepard" anti-aircraft self-propelled guns to Kyiv and train Ukrainian servicemen on German territory.