Kremlin suspends celebrations of Putin's birthday due to situation on the front


The Kremlin has deemed it inappropriate to stage celebrations of Russian President Vladimir Putin’s birthday because "it has become clear that now is not an appropriate moment for celebrations".

Source: Meduza, a Latvian-based Russian media outlet, citing a source close to the Kremlin

Quote: "After the opening of the Ferris wheel it has become clear that it is better not to hold any celebrations, now is not the time. Governors are even considering slashing spending for New Year’s celebrations since no one has any spare funds now. We dispensed with Christmas trees due to the  Covid epidemic, we can do away with them now, too."

Details: Another Russian source close to the presidential administration, as well as three sources in the administrations of three Russian regions, informed Meduza that they had not received any directives from the Kremlin as to how Putin’s 70th birthday should be celebrated this year. No large-scale events appear to be planned.

One of the sources said this was a "healthy decision": "Why would we draw attention to the fact that our president has reached retirement age?"

Previously: On 10 September, Russian President Vladimir Putin inaugurated a Ferris wheel in Moscow coinciding timewise with a counteroffensive by the Ukrainian Armed Forces in Kharkiv Oblast. People on Russian social media expressed outrage that celebrations were held in Moscow during the retreat of the Russian Armed Forces, accompanied by losses.

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