The Krappy Kamera Competition

March has been declared “a Month of Krap!”

New York’s Soho Photo Gallery is presenting the 2017 International Krappy Kamera Competition in a juried group show, along with fine art photographer Anne Arden McDonald’s dreamlike images captured with a Diana camera.

The competition originated at Soho Photo Gallery in 1998 to celebrate the philosophy that “in the hands of any artist, great photographs can be made with basic equipment.”

To that end, contest organizers asked for submissions of extraordinary photographs — made with lousy lenses. Examples of “Krappy Kameras” are the Holga, Diana, Ansco and pinhole cameras.

Because these cameras are not products of fine-tuned craftsmanship, the photographer never quite knows what the final image will look like. Without certain technical controls, imperfections such as light leaks, vignettes and blurriness can result. The final image is always unexpected but still captures the photographer’s unique vision.

The contest also welcomed entries made with traditional “non-Krappy Kameras” fitted with pinhole body caps or Holga-type lenses.

The showcase of Krappy Kamera contest winners and guest exhibitor Anne Arden McDonald’s images will be at the Soho Photo Gallery in the Tribeca neighborhood of Manhattan from March 8 to April 1. (Yahoo News Photo/Soho Photo Gallery)

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