Kobe Bryant's MVP season jersey heads to auction

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STORY: This Kobe Bryant game-worn jersey

is expected to break records at auction

Bryant wore the jersey during

his 2007 to 2008 season

and was named MVP that year

(Brahm Wachter, Sotheby's)

“So, this Kobe Bryant jersey was worn 25 times over Kobe’s only MVP season from media day at the very beginning to the last playoff game before the NBA finals. It was actually worn in 25 games and he scored 645 points in the jersey."

“It would be a record for a jersey. Kobe Bryant items, in general, have had a lot of precedent in a very high range. So, you know, a Kobe jersey from his rookie season went for $3.7 million. Another one went for $2.7 million and we just believe this to be a really exceptional item."

The winner will also receive a collection

of memorabilia and photos of Bryant