What you should know ahead of allergy season in the DMV

MONTGOMERY COUNTY, Md. (DC News Now) – Trees are beginning to blossom across the DMV, and that’s a sign of the start of allergy season.

DC News Now spoke with an allergist Monday about measures that can be taken to lessen the effects of tree pollen.

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With spring being just days away, a lot of people are eager to enjoy the outdoors after being inside all winter. But allergy and immunology specialist, Dr. Nasim Reedy, says just going outside can be problematic for people who have seasonal allergies.

“Spring pollen time is the time that affects a lot of individuals,” Reedy said. “It’s interesting because we know with climate change, a lot of the pollen counts can go higher.”

Reedy says because of those high counts, there likely won’t be much relief this allergy season.

“I don’t think that this outlook is going to be any different from previous years,” she said.

According to Reedy, people who have allergies typically struggle during this time of year because their bodies are constantly being invaded by pollen proteins.

“You have antibodies,” Reedy said. “You have histamine being released and you get all of your symptoms like itchiness and runny and stuffy, and everything that is classic for an allergy season.”

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Reedy says over-the-counter medicine is one way to combat symptoms of allergies.

“These are things like your antihistamines,” she said. “Your various nasal sprays, eyedrops.”

But she says there is more long-term solution.

“That’s going to be allergy shots,” Reedy said. “Although it is a huge time commitment to do the allergy shots, for a lot of patients it does allow them to become symptom-free and give them that quality of life back.”

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