Kitten Rescued With Homemade Pole After Being Trapped in Pipe, 25 Feet Underground

It was a miraculous rescue for this poor kitten that was trapped in a narrow pipe, 25 feet underground.

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Los Angeles rescuers Ernesto Poblano and Felix Lopez were alerted to the scene last month by a geologist who could hear a faint crying at their site.

Once they found the cat, muddied and meowing for help, they used a custom made device called a flex pole to get to the feline.

"The challenge we almost always face is that none of this is a science,” Armando said in an interview with Caters News. “It requires a lot of patience because the equipment to conduct these types of rescues does not exist, so we have to fabricate them.”

The flex pole Armando created is made of PVC pipe and has two cameras to help them track down the animal.

“Animals don't always understand that we are there to help, so making the grab is never easy,” Armando explained.

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But an hour later, the pair was able to maneuver the pole to loop a cable around the kitten, allowing them to grab and pull the feline up to safety.

Another geologist on the scene later adopted the kitten, renaming it Timmy Borisshaft.

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