Kitchen fire in Frederick displaces couple

Dec. 21—A house in the outskirts of Frederick caught fire Wednesday morning, displacing a wife and a husband.

No one was injured, Frederick County Division of Fire and Rescue Services Battalion Chief Chris Mullendore said.

At around 9:30 a.m, the Division of Fire and Rescue Services received a report of a kitchen fire at 6626 Willis Lane, in the northern part of Frederick, Mullendore said.

Units responded and put out the fire in about 15 minutes, he said. He did not know the cause of the fire, but fire marshals were on the way to investigate.

After the fire was put out, Gloria Taylor, 71, of Frederick, was shaking ash out of an orange box full of keys outside the front of her house.

She and her husband live in the house, but he was at work when the fire happened, she said.

She was trying to grab a couple of things before leaving to temporarily live with relatives, but opted to take the whole box of keys just in case.

"I would like to know how it started," she said.

Taylor was in the basement Wednesday morning, and decided to go upstairs to the kitchen to make a cup of coffee. When she got to the kitchen, all she saw was a fire in the area of her refrigerator, she said.

She ran out of the house and knocked on two of her neighbors' doors until one of them answered and called 911.

The inside of her home was almost entirely damaged by smoke. There were melted dolls and trinkets coated in soot.

In the kitchen, the microwave was melted. The left side of the fridge was also melted. Insulation was falling from the ceiling and onto the rubble of the kitchen floor.

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