Kitara Maxey running for Somersworth mayor, promising 'financial independence'

SOMERSWORTH — Kitara Maxey has filed to run for mayor in the city's 2023 election. She said she works as a financial strategist and is touting her knowledge as a way to help the city and its residents.

Maxey is seeking to replace Dana Hilliard, who previously announced he will not seek reelection.

Kitara Maxey is running for mayor of Somersworth in the city's 2023 election.
Kitara Maxey is running for mayor of Somersworth in the city's 2023 election.

"I plan on making (Somersworth) the first financially independent city in America," Maxey said. "Rising up to making New Hampshire the first New England state to become financially independent as well. I have big plans of progressive actions and want to share with the world what is happening in the quiet city of Somersworth."

Maxey's stated goals go beyond the role of local governments. Cities and towns are funded largely with tax dollars and federal and state funding, and they aren't involved with personal financial planning. Maxey was asked to provide specifics on what she means by creating financial independence for the city and residents and how she would do it as mayor. Her response didn't include policy plans. Instead she supplied the following statement:

"We in Somersworth are determined to ensure no family is left behind. Helping the citizens is number one," she wrote in a prepared statement. "For we the people make up the reason we must provide funding as a city for the projects of economic development and education. By taking progressive action forward in implementing the proper education in financial literacy, each citizen and business will begin to build a strong financial foundation. Once the people can understand the rules of the money game, the tool of money will begin to help re-inspire the citizens. The door of opportunity is wide open when we apply proven strategies that begin to help build a legacy and generational wealth. Properly funded and structured financial vehicles for all citizens from birth to dirt. This will be the beginning of alleviating our debt and stepping forward into becoming a self-insuring city one individual at a time."

Originally from Seattle, Maxey said she and her two children have lived in Somersworth for five years.

"I have watched this city and the problems it faces, a lot like other cities and towns," Maxey said. "We see the homeless and drugs that are destroying the city. What we need is a culture where our economy is strong and we can look at what we need."

Maxey also talked about taxation, stating, "What we see is an imbalance in the quality of life of our citizens and yet we ask for more that they cannot give. Seeking federal funding through grants has its setbacks with restrictions. The new era of business in our city will allow money received to be properly insured and invested to compound and keep security in our stability from our growth moving forward."

Maxey said no one can solve problems like homelessness and drugs until they have a grasp of how their financial standing can make it possible.

"The city can be like a bank," Maxey said. "We can compound our money, our interest and watch it grow. We can seek out grants and state funding to make things happen. This is how corporations become successful, and it gives me goosebumps to know it is possible for a city."

City Councilor Matt Gerding has also filed to run for mayor. Candidates can file to run for the city's elected offices through the end of day Sept. 28.

This article originally appeared on Fosters Daily Democrat: Kitara Maxey running for Somersworth NH mayor