Kingsport urges residents to report potholes in real-time

KINGSPORT, Tenn. (WJHL) — Now that the snow has melted, drivers across the Tri-Cities are likely noticing potholes caused by the freeze-thaw cycle.

Kingsport Public Works Director Michael Thompson told News Channel 11 that the city has shifted gears from salting roads, dedicating two crews to patching gaps on city streets.

“Every winter we go through the freeze and thaw cycles and we always have potholes come up, particularly after a big storm like this,” Thompson said.

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But city officials aren’t the only ones working to keep the roads in shape, they also urge residents to help them stay on top of road hazards through the ConnectKingsport app.

Citizens can use the app to send photos and the exact location of issues ranging from potholes to graffiti directly to the city’s road crews.

“When it’s put in that way, it goes right into the road foreman’s queue of tasks, and then that will get assigned out to typically within a day or two,” Thompson said.

Thompson said his crews have been notified of 36 potholes just this week. Over the 2022-23 fiscal year crews patched 3,000 potholes. They’ve completed around 1,200 repairs since July 2023.

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Though potholes fixed this early in the winter season are likely to need repair as we continue into spring, Thompson said getting potholes patched is a priority.

“That’s what our guys strive to do every day is to maintain the roads, whether it’s clearing them from the snow or filling the potholes so that everybody has a good, safe way to go every day,” Thompson said.

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