New king, Biden, is the cause of many maladies

Letter to the Editor
Letter to the Editor

I don't get it. Al Gore bellyached constantly about losing the presidency to Bush Jr. Hillary Clinton for four years constantly cried "poor little me"; Trump stole my presidency. Nancy Pelosi is now stating, "Trump is dangerous. Creature Trump made High Court dangerous. He is the Great MAGA KING."

Ellan Batavick stated, "If Trump is The Great MAGA King, I'm a loyal subject." I and fellow subjects thrived under the four-year reign of this king. We had border security, respect for the law enforcement, parental rights in education, a thriving economy, etc.

The new king and his court, Joe Biden, are causing ruination: open borders, raising inflation, unaffordable gas, high crime, culture wars and many other maladies.

In my opinion, I blame Biden and the Democrats for the opioid deaths due to fact they fought to keep open our borders. Fentanyl overdose deaths spiked 23% in 2021. Mexican cartel and China are winning. CDC data show overdose deaths every five minutes.

I don't quite know what is worse: The drugs or the killing of innocent babies.

Donna R. Becker


This article originally appeared on The Monroe News: Letter: New king, Biden, is the cause of many maladies