Kinect costs almost as much as the Xbox One to build

Dan Graziano
BGR News

Microsoft Kinect Costs
Microsoft Kinect Costs

An anonymous Microsoft employee claims that manufacturing the Kinect sensor costs “almost as much” as manufacturing the Xbox One. The information was revealed in an “Ask Me Anything” session on Reddit, which was verified to be authentic by Reddit moderators. The employee explained that the Kinect plays a major role in the Xbox One experience, adding that Microsoft bundled the sensor with the system to ensure all developers and gamers had access to it for every game. He said that Microsoft took a gamble with the new Kinect sensor, noting that it “costs almost as much as the console to make” and “the success of the Kinect carries much more weight” for Microsoft than the Xbox One. He went on to explain that the sensor is an “integral part of the Xbox One experience.” The high cost of manufacturing the Kinect sheds light on the company’s controversial pricing strategy. The Xbox One will be available later this year starting at $499, a $100 premium over Sony’s PlayStation 4.

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