Kim Kardashian Joins VP Kamala Harris at White House for Prison Reform Talk

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Kim Kardashian is continuing her work on criminal justice reform.

The Skims founder joined Vice President Kamala Harris on Thursday at the White House for a roundtable discussion on U.S. prison reform and recent pardons issued by President Joe Biden.

Apart from Harris and Kardashian, the meeting included four of the 16 people granted clemency by Biden this week. All had been convicted for nonviolent drug offenses.

All four—Jason Hernandez, Bobby Darrell Lowery, Jesse Mosley and Beverly Holcy—opened businesses or nonprofits in their communities after their incarceration.

topshot reality television star and entrepreneur kim kardashian attends an event to discuss criminal justice reform with vice president kamala harris at the white house in washington, dc, on april 25, 2024 photo by jim watson afp photo by jim watsonafp via getty images
JIM WATSON - Getty Images

“I’m a big believer in the power of redemption,” Harris said at the event. “Is it not the sign of a civil society that we allow people a way to earn their way back and give them the support and the resources they need to do that?”

The vice president also praised Kardashian for her advocacy and for “using your platform in a way that has really lifted up the importance of talking about and being dedicated to second chances.”

Kardashian, who is studying to be a lawyer to focus on criminal justice reform, visited the White House various times during the Trump administration to push for change in the U.S. prison system. In 2018, she famously launched a successful campaign to free Alice Marie Johnson, a 64-year-old woman who was 19 years into her life sentence for a first-time, non-violent offense. Then-President Donald Trump commuted her sentence and granted her a pardon. Since then, Kardashian has helped free many others from prison, and has said she will never stop.

washington, dc april 25 reality television star and businesswoman kim kardashian 2nd l joins vice president kamala harris, white house office of public engagement director steve benjamin 2nd r, jason hernandez and beverly robinson r as they participate in a roundtable discussion on criminal justice reform in the roosevelt room at the white house on april 25, 2024 in washington, dc the meeting included four of the sixteen people who had been convicted of non violent drug offenses in the past and received clemency from president joe biden earlier this week photo by chip somodevillagetty images
Chip Somodevilla - Getty Images

“I’m just here to help and to spread the word,” Kardashian said to Harris, before telling the pardon recipients she was “so excited to be here to hear your stories.”

Mosley, one of the formerly incarcerated roundtable participants, said he felt “overwhelming gratitude for being one of the few that they did pardon.” He added, “Now I’m sitting at the table with the VP and Kim K.”

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