Kim Kardashian Addresses Kanye West Romance Rumors

April 6, 2012
Kim Kardashian and Kanye West attend the Kanye West Ready-To-Wear Fall/Winter 2012 show as part of Paris Fashion Week at Halle Freyssinet in Paris on March 6, 2012 -- Getty Premium

Kim Kardashian spent much of Wednesday and Thursday with rapper Kanye West, but she wasn't ready to confirm a romance with the hip-hop superstar.

"I completely respect and understand that you have to ask these questions, but [as] I've said before, Kanye and I have been friends for years," Kim told the "Today" show's Ann Curry, who asked about the reported romance, and the rapper's song, "Theraflu," which mentions his crush on the reality star, during a visit to the NBC morning program on Friday. "You know, you never know what the future holds or where my life will take me. So ... I like the song!"

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The reality star became a trending topic online after being spotted with Kanye several times in the last few days, but she said she's lately been avoiding the internet.

"I haven't looked on the internet in a while -- that's a new rule of mine. I Tweet and I Instagram, but I don't really look online anymore," she said.

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Asked about her trip with Kanye to the movies to see "The Hunger Games," Kim responded, "The movie was really interesting."

Kim is still going through a divorce with basketball star Kris Humphries, but when Ann asked why she won't just give the athlete an annulment, she said they likely didn't fit the criteria.

"I'm sure I would love one myself, but there's certain guidelines on how you can get one and I'm not sure that we fall under that," she said.

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The reality star added that she doesn't like to talk about Kris because of their split.

"Out of respect for him, I try not to really talk about stuff involving him and regarding that situation," she said. "But it's all just about, I'm just really ready to close that, I have closed that chapter. So I'm just really ready to move on."

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