Is Kim Jong-un Going To Be a Daddy?

Dashiell Bennett
The Atlantic Wire
Is Kim Jong-un Going To Be a Daddy?

Kate Middleton may have some competition in the dynastic pregnancy game as new pictures out of North Korea appear to show Kim Jong-un's wife sporting a very important baby bump. Ri Sol-ju made a rare public appearance on Monday to attend a memorial service marking the one-year anniversary of Kim Jong-il's death, and while no mention was made of an impending blessed event, TV cameras captured her in a loose-fitting outfit that seemed to be hiding (and not very well) an over-sized belly. And she hasn't just put on a few extra pounds—she looks to be very far along her possible pregnancy. 

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If it turns out to be what everyone thinks it is, then she could be about to give birth to the third heir in a ruling family dynasty dating back to Jong-un's grandfather, Kim Il-sung, who first became leader in 1948. There have been earlier rumors that Ri and Kim already have one child, but that's highly unconfirmed. On the other hand, the nation only just found out they were married three years after the wedding, so the truth—as it always is in North Korea—is a little murky. It's anyone guess as which "royal" baby will take over their throne first, but for the sake of world peace perhaps the future Prince of Wales and the future "Dear Little Leader" will someday become fast friends.