Kim Dotcom vows to keep America out of next version of Megaupload

Brad Reed
Kim Dotcom wins his biggest victory yet, gets access to data seized in police raid

Megaupload founder Kim Dotcom is making a really cool new toy but he’s not letting Americans play with it due to their government’s role in orchestrating a raid on his mansion this year. TorrentFreak reports that Dotcom is planning to build a massive global peer-to-peer network that will let non-American hosts across the world connect servers and bandwidth. While Dotcom hasn’t yet provided many details regarding what this Megaupload reboot will look like, he did vow that Megaupload Mark II would  ”turn this world upside down” when it launched. At any rate, the new Megaupload site will certainly give law enforcement officials something tangible to fear about Dotcom rather than his illusive doomsday machine or deadly belly-flop kung fu.


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