Kim Cattrall Calls Dating 'Very Difficult'

Kim Cattrall visits "The Ellen DeGeneres Show," April 2011 -- Michael Rozman/ Warner Bros

She starred as man-hungry Samantha Jones in "Sex and The City," and apparently, that character has had an affect on Kim Cattrall's dating life.

During a taping for "The Ellen DeGeneres Show" on Thursday, which is set to air on Friday, April 8, Kim confirmed she's out there in the singles market, but has been having some troubles.

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"I'm trying to," Kim said of dating. "It's very difficult."

"I would think that it would be difficult, that men would be intimated," Ellen replied, no doubt referring to Kim's "SATC" character.

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"A little bit. Yeah," she said.

Kim, who is currently promoting the drama "Meet Monica Velour," where she plays a flawed, former porn star, revealed there is another reason to also blame for her romantic life not being picture perfect.

"Writing a book about the female orgasm didn't help my dating career either," she said, referring to "Satisfaction: The Art of the Female Orgasm," a book she published in 2002 with her then-husband, Mark Levinson

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"Really? You would think that would actually help," Ellen suggested.

"You would think so," Kim said. "Men like to think that they know it all, especially in that department."

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