Kids to be bundled up as they return to school after long weekend

Kids in the Miami Valley are scheduled to be heading back to school today after the long holiday weekend.

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Those who will be waiting outside for the bus should be bundled up if they are out in the cold this morning.

News Center 7′s Taylor Robertson reported from a school barn in Greene County during News Center 7′s Daybreak.

The Ohio Department of Health said when a person’s body is exposed to cold temperatures it loses heat faster than it can replaced which can result in hypothermia or frostbite.

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She also spoke with a pediatric doctor who told her how dangerous these cold temperatures can be for kids.

Dr. Greg Eberhart of Cornerstone Pediatrics told Robertson that kids should wear gloves, a hat that covers their ears, and multiple layers of clothing.

“Some of these kids are out at the bus stop and it’s dark out and I think for bus stops, I think having lighter colors of the coat, reflective materials that cars and buses and things can see the kids that can be a super helpful thing,” he said.

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Amy Schopperth, Trauma Program Manager at Dayton Children’s, said, “Really anything below 10 degrees, we really don’t recommend that you spend much time outside at all.”

Storm Center 7 Meteorologist Britley Ritz says anyone who is going to be outside this morning said the maximum amount of time should be ten minutes in these temperatures.

Eberhart said with these colder temperatures there is a lot more concern with elementary kids.

“They are smaller, they get cold a lot faster in particularly exposed areas,” he said. “So, the tip of the nose, ears, fingertips get cold a lot so if you can convince your kids I don’t know if your kids are like my kids they want to wear shorts and no jacket even when it’s snowing outside but if you can get your kids to have gloves, a hat that covers their ears, that goes a long way.”