Kids Baffled by Racist Backlash Over Cheerios Commercial (VIDEO)

This video, a wide-eyed take on the “controversial” Cheerios commercial, is proof that kids don’t know how to be racist until they’re taught to be racist.

Last month when Cheerios released an ad that featured a biracial family, commenters went ballistic, posting racist rants on the company’s YouTube page.

Cheerios shut down the comments section underneath the ad and rightfully stood by the commercial in their public statement: “At Cheerios, we know there are all kinds of families and we celebrate them all.”

But when these children watched the commercial, they didn’t understand why it was a big deal at all. The racial implications of it had to be explained to them.

“I thought Martin Luther King fixed this already,” said one.

The video, made by The Fine Bros., went viral this week, which isn’t suprising considering how much the Trayvon Martin case has become a part of our daily conversation.

While this video may feature children, it shows much more than an innocent perspective on race; it shows a fair and just one.

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