Get Your Kicks With Time-Lapse of Route 66

Eric Larson
November 19, 2012

Can't get much more Americana than Route 66. The iconic highway -- one of the first established in the U.S., back in 1926 -- stretches more than 2,000 miles between Chicago and Los Angeles.

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Over the summer, a guy named Brian DeFrees drove and videotaped the whole dang route in his 2009 Honda Civic, starting in Chicago. Afterwards, he merged the footage into a three-minute video-lapse.

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The western-bound video is filled with historic American sights like the Gateway Arch in St. Louis and red granite bluffs in Arizona -- of course, the occasional Route 66 road sign can be seen as well. The bottom left corner indicates what state DeFrees is cruising through during each segment of the clip.

Take your own quick trip across America by clicking play above.

What other journeys, either by vehicle or foot, would you like to see video-lapsed? Tell us your ideas below.

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