Kharkiv: one third of houses with electricity, half with heating

А candle. Photo: Getty Images
А candle. Photo: Getty Images
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About 35% of residential buildings in Kharkiv are now reconnected to the electricity supply, and about half to heating.

Source: Ihor Terekhov, mayor of Kharkiv, on air of the national joint 24/7 newscast on Saturday evening

Quote: "Approximately 35% of residential buildings are connected to the electricity supply. As for heating, we have managed to connect about 50% of Kharkiv residents' houses. We will continue our work all night to connect as many Kharkiv residents as possible to the heating system."

Details: Terekhov noted that street lighting and electric transport are not working in the city.

He was also unable to predict the timeframe for the recovery from the effects of the Russian strikes.

"Indeed, there is very serious destruction, transformer substations and transmission lines have been destroyed. Therefore, it is now very difficult to talk about the timing of the reconstruction of these transformer substations and, as a result, the connection of the entire city to the electricity supply. If necessary, we will introduce a power outage schedule to ensure that all Kharkiv residents have electricity supply at certain hours," the mayor said.

He also said that there are 74 invincibility centres in the city alone (an invincibility centre is a heated premise stocked with food and power banks to assist residents facing hardships due to power cuts – ed.). In one day, about 14,500 Kharkiv residents visited them.


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