Kevin Samuels' Cause Of Death Is Reigniting A Debate On Twitter

Kevin Samuels’ cause of death has been revealed and it’s reigniting a fierce debate on Twitter.

According to TMZ, the Fulton County Medical Examiner’s Office confirmed that he died from high blood pressure. The medical examiner also found Atenolol, a drug commonly used to treat hypertension, in Samuels’ system.

News of Samuels’ cause of death sparked conversation on Twitter, with people pointing to his comments about women’s health.

“You mean to tell me kevin samuels died from hypertension after building his platform attacking fat women and saying their health was failing? hm,” one user wrote.


“Wow Kevin Samuels spent all the time calling folks fat & big online & he died of hypertension……”another pointed out.

“Idk Kevin Samuel’s cause of death being high blood pressure is tickling me because I THOUGHT women would be the ones dying fat, broke and alone??!?!” a user tweeted. “Somebody answer me pls what happened.”

Another echoed similar confusion.

“Kevin Samuels dying from the most avoidable disease ever is hilarious considering he spent his days on YouTube telling black women that they’d die from being unhealthy and fat first,” they wrote.

Some people, however, came to Samuels’ defense, arguing that he’s misunderstood and most of his naysayers haven’t watched his content in its entirety.

“I be arguing with people about Kevin Samuels that have never even seen a full episode of his content. That’s the craziest part to me. It’s like, y’all only know this man from what people clipped and showed you. How can you make an assessment on his content from that?” a fan tweeted.

“Only ppl that hate Kevin samuels are the hollering dogs that got hit,” another added.

One person argued that some of the greatest Black leaders were hated by the Black community during their heydays, referencing Samuels among the list.

“Y’all do know that majority of black people hated Black leaders while they were alive right ? Black people hated MLK, Malcolm, Huey, and Kevin Samuel’s while they were alive. They only started to celebrate them after the powers that be gave them grace after death,” a supporter wrote.

Samuels passed away in May after collapsing in his home, TMZ reports. An unidentified woman called 911 and attempted to revive him by performing CPR.