Kevin Hunter Jr. Denies Stealing $100K, Says He Charged Wendy Williams’ Amex Card To ‘Pay For Her Treatment’: ‘I Never Took Advantage Of It’

Kevin Hunter Jr. Denies Stealing $100K, Says He Charged Wendy Williams’ Amex Card To ‘Pay For Her Treatment’: ‘I Never Took Advantage Of It’ | Michael Tran
Kevin Hunter Jr. Denies Stealing $100K, Says He Charged Wendy Williams’ Amex Card To ‘Pay For Her Treatment’: ‘I Never Took Advantage Of It’ | Michael Tran
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Someone has been taking advantage of Wendy Williams, but according to her son, Kevin Hunter Jr. — it isn’t him.

The son of the former TV personality gave another exclusive interview to The U.S. Sun, where he put to bed accusations against him regarding a $100,000 charge to his mother’s American Express credit card.

Several news outlets previously reported that his mother’s credit card was charged at the end of 2021 without her permission, leading to her Wells Fargo account being frozen in January 2022 after shocking claims she was allegedly of “unsound mind.” The 22-year-old vehemently denies being the reason for that and defended himself against accusations that he stole from her.

Hunter Jr. revealed in the exclusive that he did charge the celebrity host’s credit card but only when necessary for her personal expenses, such as her doctor’s appointments and private planes to and from Florida and New York.

“I had to look for ways to transport her. If we had to get to an appointment up there [in New York], we would have to book a private plane,” he explained. “If we had to make a certain appointment down here [in Florida], we had to book it on the AmEx.”

The college student claims his use of Wendy’s Amex card was first brought up as an issue in guardianship court after Wells Fargo petitioned for one take over the media maven’s affairs.

“In court, they brought up the American Express situation. They made this a much bigger issue,” he said. “When she was here, the Amex card was our only source of paying for things.”

Hunter Jr. claimed his mother knew how much and how often her Amex was used.

“And what she would do was she would read her credit card statement at the end of the month, and I never took advantage of it,” he added.

The TV celebrity was in Florida from late 2021 to the spring of 2022, where she was in her son’s care. He insisted that Bernie Young, Williams’ former manager, and Sabrina Morrissey, her financial adviser for Wells Fargo, wanted her to return to New York for work as soon as possible, regardless of her health concerns.

“They knew that in having her here [in Florida], they were losing a lot of their earnings,” he said of the former manager and financial adviser. “Having her here in an environment where the number one priority isn’t being at ‘The Wendy Williams Show,’ or to be at certain appointments or whatever, they were more annoyed by the fact that they didn’t have the control that they have had over her all these years — from my perspective.”

“Because when she’s in New York, it’s a lot easier to pull her around to certain places and have her isolated away from the family so that she doesn’t have any other influences to make choices that are for her health and not for financial benefit,” he continued.

Hunter Jr.’s claims didn’t stop there, as he went on to allege he was also locked out of his school fund account, leaving him unable to pay for his education except for access to the Amex card.

“They had also locked me out of my school accounts, so anything that I would normally be able to pay for on my own through my school accounts, they had locked me out of. So we had to use the Amex to get through,” he said.

Growing up in a wealthy household, Hunter Jr. — who the TV star shares with ex-husband Kevin Hunter Sr. — also admitted his spending via the Amex card was never brought into question until the guardianship hearings.

“I have always used the Amex, always,” he said. “Before everything that happened, ever since I was young, starting in the 6th grade, she always allowed me access to a credit card, whether it was for an emergency or because I wanted something.”

Hunter said his mother wanted him  “enjoy certain access to things, as her son.” His belief, as he told The Sun, was that her employees took issue with his involvement when he raised serious concerns about her health.

“But once I made that clear, that I was very serious, then it became about certain ‘evidence’ being brought against me, and transactions were brought against me to make it seem like I was taking advantage of her American Express account,” he said.

Williams’ son further maintained that he didn’t “care about being flashy,” and he was hurt by accusations that he was “taking advantage” of his mother, a claim that he contends is far from the truth.

“They were like, ‘Look how much he uses his mom’s Amex,’ and saying I was taking advantage of her and using it for my own intentions, and that was not the case,” he said.

Instead, Hunter Jr. revealed he is “really sad” to see what’s happened to his mom.

“Ever since the court hearings ended, something just has to be brought to light about what’s going on and how much people are taking in this situation,” he added. “In terms of who is there now, people have put other things in front of her actually healing and getting better, and unfortunately, unlike many other alcoholics, she is worth a lot more money.”

Williams is currently being managed by former jeweler Will Selby. Sabrina Morrissey is her appointed financial guardian, and Williams’ publicist is Shawn Zanotti. Hunter Jr. has previously slammed these employees of taking advantage of Williams. However, he reveals in the article that he is holding onto hope for her well-being.

“I’m praying that whoever is in control now doesn’t ruin whatever hope there is for her to get back up again,” he said.