Kenya's president-elect says 'no time to waste'

STORY: Kenya's president-elect William Ruto says he's forging ahead with creating an administration even as his rival in an August 9 election prepares a legal challenges to the result.

Speaking after a meeting on Wednesday (August 17) with elected officials from his alliance, Ruto said no Kenyan would be left behind.

"They now want us to deliver on the commitments that we gave the people of Kenya and I want to say to this team that we do not have the luxury of time to waste."

However, Raila Odinga says there is no legally valid winner or president-elect.

"Kenya faces a grave legal and political crisis."

The veteran opposition leader came a close second to Ruto according to the head of the electoral commission on Monday (August 15).

Four out of seven electoral commissioners have disowned the result - saying the tallying process was opaque.

Odinga has announced that he will challenge the outcome - which he called a "travesty" - through the courts.

Without directly referencing Odinga, Ruto had this to say:

"If there will be court processes we will engage in those and make sure that because we are democrats and we believe in the rule of law."

Odinga has until Monday (August 22) to file a petition at the Supreme Court.

He's gone down this path before in 2013 and in 2017 when the result was quashed and the election repeated.

The court said on Wednesday it was ready to handle any petition and was making preparations just in case.